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Vin Fontesole, Les Vignerons de Fontes

Fontesole, Les Vignerons de Fontes

Fontesole, Les Vignerons de Fontes

Established in 1930 by around thirty vinegrowers, the Les Vignerons de Fontes brings together today 200 winemakers proud of their land of schists, basalts and clay limestone. The production of the cellars represents 40,000 hectolitres and around 60% of this volume consists of rose wines, and in particular AOC wines.

Situated in the heart of Languedoc, in the first foothills of the southern Cevennes, the vineyard of Fontes is spread over a mosaic of terroirs. The vines, cultivated on terraces benefiting from the influence of a Mediterranean-type microclimate, lend themselves admirably well to the production of high-quality wines.

In their winery, the vinegrowers, proud of their terroir, make and mature fruity and generous wines, which respect traditions. The sales progress from year to year and cuvees of rose wines are distributed not only in France, but also in many European countries, as well as the USA and Japan.

Prieure Saint-Hippolyte Blanc - 2018

White, Dry (Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Vermentino)

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40,00 RON

Prieure Saint-Hippolyte Rouge - 2016

Red, Dry (Syrah, Grenache)

39,00 RON

Prieure Saint-Hippolyte Cuvee Excellence - 2019

Rose, Dry (Syrah, Grenache)

59,00 RON

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